We welcome all organisations working to improve the lives of those living in the Chernobyl and Fukushima-affected regions to join us. Working together organisations can be stronger, more effective and can achieve real, sustainable, long-term change.
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Members of the International Chernobyl Network

Belarus BELAPDIMI National Association of parents with Children with Disabilities
Belarus Belarusian Association Chernobyl Stork
Belarus Belarusian Association Children in Trouble
Belarus Belarusian Children' s Hospice
Belarus Belarusian Humanitarian Organization “Kupalinka”
Belarus Children’s Diabetes Mozyr
Belarus Dobra Tut
Belarus Green Cross Belarus
Belarus Help People
Belarus Hope For The Future
Belarus Nadeshda 21st Century
Belarus Pinsk Children's Hospice
Belarus Positive Movement
Belarus Voice of Heart
Belarus World without borders



Austria (1)
Australia (1)
Belarus (15)
Czech Republic (1)
Germany (5)
Spain (21)
France (2)
Greece (1)
Ireland (4)
Israel (1)
Italy (2)
Japan (1)
Netherlands (2)
Poland (3)
Portugal (1)
Turkey (1)
Ukraine (13)
United Kingdom (8)

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