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V National Forum Fedasib, Spain


The last weekend, (18-20 September)  took place in Madrid (Spain)  the V National Forum with spanish organizations and groups that develop humanitarian activities with Belarusian Children after the catastrophic nuclear consequences in Chernobyl, organized by FEDASIB.

To this Forum, took part important Belarusian delegations as guests of honor:

Ambassador of the Republic Of Belarus in France, Mr. Pavel Latushko; Deputy Director of the Humanitarian Aid Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Dmitry Zhukenov; and the presidents of Foundations Medicine and Chernobyl Anastasiya, Tatiana Kot and Svetlana Ivanovskaya.










Also, counted with Mr. Miguel Zafra Antas, Children's Hospital pediatrician in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. And of course with the support of all representatives members in spanish organizations dedicated to support programs for children from Chernobyl.

During the visit to the hospital,was shared an interesting chat about all kinds of experiences and new therapies applicable since the disease is detected, during and after starting treatment. Prevails music-therapy, school inside area, attendance at home and all kinds of support to small and family.









Visit and meeting 12 Octubre Hospital; (Oncology Children section)

In this forum, were discussed the prospects and proposals for the Spanish humanitarian action in Belarus and the activities in Spain since the Chernobyl disaster to help Belarusian children.










The most important points were, firstly, the participation in the annual conference of IBB, and meet with ICN members, that this year take place in Geseke-Eringerfeld (Germany) in late October, (here you can check the Programme Conference Geseke-Eringerfeld) you can check the which will feature several members of Fedasib.

Secondly, was elaborated the provisional program for the Action Weeks 2016, with a lively debate about how each organization can contribute and support activities that will take place for the 30th anniversary of Chernobyl in Spain. Will be interesting share in the conference with all the ICN partners all the ideas and try to makes common projects in this important year.

About the VI National Forum, will take place in Minsk,  during the trip that the federation held in committee, thanks to the proposal of the department of the Belarusian humanitarian activities. And will be held in late February or early March 2016 a trip to Belarus.  This trip,  will count with institutional representatives, photographers, journalists and members of the Fedasib Collective.

Thanks to this forum, relations between Spain and the Belarusian authorities have been strengthened. And besides,  Belarusian humanitarian aid department, presented certificates of recognition to the action taken by all the Spanish organizations.




Again, this forum help to all the spanish organizations to meet each other, discuss common objectives, learn more medical advances for this children and prepare everything for the Action Weeks. Now, its time to work together, carry out all the proposals and wait for meeting with our international partners to exchange ideas.