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New Phase of the Support Program for Belarus

The Support Program for Belarus of German Federal Government, "Overcome boundaries" is carried out since 2002 on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). International Centre for Education and Exchange "Johannes Rau" Minsk is responsible for implementation of the programme in cooperation with Dortmund International Educational Centre. The adaptation of the Programme of the Federal Government was for support and maintenance of the work of the German-Belarusian partnership initiatives, which are working on minimizing consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, and solving social and environmental issues, as well as development of principles for mutual understanding between Germany and Belarus. Support program for Belarus was implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and Minsk City Executive Committee.

The main objective of the Support program is assistance in project management for non-State actors, who are operating under the German-Belarusian partnership initiatives, Belarusian non-governmental organizations, networks and other institutionalized structures. Support program help those actors to develop successful collaboration with state organizations to processes for the sustainable development of the society at the national and regional levels.

September 2014 is a period of the beginning of a new 7th phase of the Support program which will last till 2016. Application process has already finished, this phase welcomed on board new partners and initiatives.

The 7th phase of the support program for Belarus has several innovations. New phase of the program was opened for commercial subjects to apply as a co-partner for a project. This gives opportunity to a broader spectrum of initiatives to develop their projects; moreover by inviting commercial subjects for cooperation we can obtain new opportunities and resources for sustainable development of a country. Program funding is available for all registered NGOs in Belarus and Germany, state authorities and institutions as well as for German companies that are working together with NGOs in Belarus.

Two main objectives of a new Support program are as follows:

-              Development of social partnerships and innovations in health and social system

-              Sustainable regional development and resource conservation, particularly in the rural space

Projects which were eligible for the 7th phase had to cover those objectives and establish strong cooperation with German partner especially on issues for sustainable development. During the partnership conference 2014 partners will have opportunity to get consultation and full assistance on project management and development from the IBB.

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