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Silent Witness

This month the book 'Silent Witnesses - Three decades after Chernobyl's nuclear disaster' was released. This unique journalistic photodocument provides a disturbing picture of the effects of the disaster, now almost 30 years later.

The book is the result of five trips to the affected areas in the Ukraine and Belarus. We spoke to investigators, witnesses and victims of the disaster and photographed the deserted area around the reactor in the Ukraine and Belarus. The whole project was an impressive experiencefor us and we hope that this feeling is reflected in the book.

Your organization is involved in the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster; in the broadest sense. Therefore, we would like to offer this book at a discount. You can then book your members, relatives or friends at retail - or any other price you wish - sell, so you raise money for your charity.

If you order 5 books or more, we offer the book for € 28.50. The normal retail price is € 39.95. You will have a beautiful 30 x 24 cm Englishhard cover photo book of 180 pages with over 250 color photos.

With the purchase of this book you support the people who are still living in the Chernobyl region, the self-settlers. Part of the revenues will go to the ‘self-settlers’ poor people that are still living in the contaminated area around the reactor.  

1 + 1 = 3: with the purchase of the book 'Silent Witnesses' you support your own organization, you have a beautiful and unique book and you support our charity!

For more information, please take a look at the site www.chernobylwitness.com