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New volunteer!


Dear readers:

My name is Cristina and I’m the new volunteer in Dortmund (Germany) with I.B.B.

I'm so glad for this chance, and I hope to help all of ICN members to be involved and in contact each other. Personally, I think is important tell to young people, like me, the real situation after all these catastrophes. Sometimes, it's difficult to be involved with things that happened a long time ago, and you didn't see.

Fortunately, and thanks to I.C.N. and the Actions Weeks, I discovered better the consequences that can have these catastrophes in our time, and now I have the opportunity to help and try to change the situation, for a future without Chernobyl or Fukushima.

Would be really interesting be in contact with all the organizations, and we would like to know all your plans, ideas or projects; because, as you know, stronger together. 

Then, I would like also put all this information in our website, articles, news or whatever you think would be interesting.

This year will be really important for us, 30th anniversary of Chernobyl is coming and we have the opportunity to show in a lot of countries what happened and what is still happening, and help to don’t forget it.

Additionally, we can use also our Forum, for discuss with our members these things that wake your curiosity and interest, and create maybe new common projects for the 30th anniversary.

Again, thanks for this chance and I will be here for whatever you need!

I hope read you soon!

My best wishes from Dortmund,