We welcome all organisations working to improve the lives of those living in the Chernobyl and Fukushima-affected regions to join us. Working together organisations can be stronger, more effective and can achieve real, sustainable, long-term change.
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New organizations decided to join us recently and we would like to share with you our new members!

For the first time, we have an Australian organization in our network!  Friends of the Earth works in projects for environment and social justice. They participated in many differents campaigns: anti-nuclear, climate change, forestryfor the anti-nuclear campaign, supporting Aboriginal Traditional Owners fighting plans to impose a nuclear waste dump on their land. You can read more in their web site: www.foe.org.au

Secondly, two new organizations from Italy join us, also the first time that we have members from this country!

Associazione Umanitaria Yra: This organization from Lucca, (Tuscany) has projects In Belarus, they take care of children, also children with disabilities, and they bring all of them to Italy for a recuperative holidays. They have more projects and sport exchanges between Belarus and Italy.

  Members from Italy in Geseke Conference

Centro Nazionale per il Volontariato: They are the National organization of volunteers in Italy.They are working in various projects, all of them about volunteering. They have an important impact in Italy, and now want to continue with their action in Europe. Here you can see their web site: http://www.centrovolontariato.net and also facebook page: Facebook Centro Nazionale per il Volontariato 

   Centro Nazionale per il Volontariato

From Portugal, ACLIS, brings to Portugal a group of children from Chernobyl. During the month in which children are in Portugal, they will regain health and be in " vacation"  .Riding, beach, pool, jogging in the park, healthy food, family atmosphere are some of the benefits that these children will have this month, quite different from what they are used. Here you can see their projects: http://aclis.org/

A representative from Portugal with ICN members

And finally from France other organization joined us:  26th of April Appeal. You can see the newsletter in different languages! And also their group in facebook 26th of April Appeal Facebook 

Andrè Larivière, 26th of April Appeal

Appeal in english

Appeal spanish

Appeal Italian

Appeal russian

Appeal japonese

We are so glad to have you finally in ICN!!Welcome!