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International Conference For the European Action Week 2016

30th anniversary of Chernobyl


More than 100 representatives from eleven differents countries met in Geseke-Eringerfeld(Germany),for a four-days (29th October- 1st November 2015) exchange of experiences on the "International Conference For the European Action Week 2016", organized by IBB Dortmund.






We had the opportunity to assist to interesting presentations and workshops about differentes issues, but always regarding plans for 30th anniversary of Chernobyl and 5th Fukushima, and also about renewable energies.

The conference started with some reports of the Action Weeks 2015 in differents countries; our members from Poland and Spain(Fedasib) presented all the projects that they did. And also for finished,  a small review about ICN activities in this year.

Poland, Action Weeks 2015                                                                                                               Spain,Action Weeks 2015                          









The second day, the conference started with Andrè Lariviere, from 26th April Nucleaire and the renowable energie in France. It's one of the new member in ICN, and for the first time, we have French involvement.

Dariusz Szwed, special guest from Poland,  tolk about the Energy Democracy in Poland and green power to the people.Zielony Instytut Warsaw.



The conference continuous with Sustainability strategies locally and as a pan-European task: Andrei Zinchenko, Greencubator, from Kiev,  Startups as engines of a Ukrainian energy Transition. Then, Energy self-sufficiency model in Belarus, Galina Voitus, from Children's Center "Nadeshda". And finally, Climate as home match – How’s Dortmund erected? by Michael Leischner (Environment Department of the City of Dortmund.)









On saturday, our friends and liquidators from Ukraine, explained how is the situation in the war in Eastern Ukraine and the effects on people in eastern Ukraine. Chernobyl affected people are helping now war’s affected.





And of course, we had also an important workshop from ICN, with all the new members from Italy, Portugal and France; and our members from Poland, UK,Spain, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine,  and Turkey.

There the members of ICN discussed about their plans and objetives for the next year, 30th anniversary of Chernobyl, as our important meeting in Brussels, in the European Parliament or the proposal for an audience with the Pope in Rome. More interesting plans were discussed and we will let you know soon with more details.





Thanks to all of you for join and participate to this conference and hope did you enjoy it!