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Children from Borydanka Ukraine arrive home with wonderful memories of their visit to England. The children spent a month with the Billericay Chernobyl Children’s Life Line link. They were taken care of by volunteer host families. The children visited the dentist and opticians. The children will always remember the kindness of the British people

"So many new activities and entertainment I had never in my life. I love to roller skate, and in England also mastered conventional skates. This amusement park, where I visited my parents and friends have only seen in movies. And the first time I lived at the camp - is a camp in nature - they told us a lot about the UK, conducted a variety of workshops, organized fun on land and water. I will never forget that kindness and sincerity, which I surrounded the British family. I really liked their lifestyle. I really want to learn English well to communicate freely with them and all the friends who were with me in this wonderful country. "

"This trip for our child was not only a new and vivid impressions, but also taught to see the world in new ways, even encouraged to grow. Due to the rather long stay in England, Sasha knew and became more and appreciate my family and homeland. Everything that he was lucky enough to see or learn, we now listen to all day long. Listen and enjoy, this journey forever changed the world of a young man who learns to decide how he wants to live their lives. Thank you to everyone who gave a chance to our child, and the joy - all our family! "