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30th Anniversary in Ukraine


On the 12th April Journalists arrived in Korosten Ukraine from Equator to interview liquidators as part of a documentary for the 30th anniversary of Chernobyl. Tomás Ciuffardi  had made contact through The facebook page Fire Fighters of Chernobyl  to ask for help to meet liquidators. Alexy Geraimovich a fire fighter in Korosten organised such meetings with Chernobyl witnesses. Alexy is also involved with the Ukraine Fire Fighter Project, a member of the ICN. For the 3oth anniversary of the fire service  of Korosten took part in an event held in the town for remembering the liquidators. Also at the Event was fire fighter  Michael Pitney from the UK and the founder of the Ukraine Fire fighter project. Hundreds of people turned out for the service along with widows and families who have lost loved ones as a result of the disaster. There was a minute’s silence at the memorial plaque which is on the wall of the fire station in Korosten dedicated to those who lost their lives including Aley’s father who was also a liquidator. Japan guests  addressed the audience making it a real international Event.

The Center of CSPR Borodianka in the Ukraine organised a candle vigil in the village Novy Korogod, Borodyanka District, Kiev Region, Ukraine with the liquidators there and families who had lost loved ones as a result of the Chernobyl disaster. Also in the Palace of Culture in Borydanka many people gathered to a service dedicated to the liquidators, where many of them received medals Borydanka was a Newly built "resettlement" consisting only of "liquidators" and those who were forcefully evacuated 30 years ago .One of the Community Centers roles is to provide comfort, support, education and psychological rehabilitation to individuals and communities severely affected by the Chernobyl disaster;

picture fire fighters of borydanka remembering the fireman who died

At the central square in  Ivankiv Ukraine for the 30th anniversary  representatives of many organizations and villagers gathered together at the house of Culture to remember the victims of Chernobyl. Liquidators spoke about their memories of that terrible day, sharing their experiences. Also it was spoken about the recent years and how people are still affected today. Gratitude was given to those who sacrificed their lives for others. There was a minute’s silence. The ICN member Ivankiv Community development Centre still works closely today with those affected by the disaster